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bird spikebird spikebird spike

bird spike

  • Product Item : 011
  • Category: bird repeller
  • material: hot dipping steel wire
  • pest type:bird
  • feature: easy&convenient
  • application: garden,transmission tower,airport
  • Product description:bird spike can prevent birds from landing on ledges or tower cross arm is an important and crucial step in bird deterrence.xcyc power can offer an effective and humane deterrent for larger bird specie

Product Introduction

Product name bird spikes
material hot dipping steel wire / stainless steel
steel spikes diameter 2.0 / 2.5 /3.0
spikes quantity 25pcs / 36pcs / 45pcs/etc
spikes type straight wire / spring wire
spikes length

1: Equal length (300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm)

2: Unequal length (300mm~400mm,400mm~500mm,500mm~600mm)

3: the spikes length can be custom-made

base type U type /L type


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