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Why choose flexible graphite composite materia in power earthing system

As we know, Corrosion is an ineluctable problem of metallic grounding grids. Metallic material like steel, copper, and cladding steel are widely used in electrical grounding grids. However,natural erosion of metallic grounding grids is ineluctable after years of operation, unless expensive pure copper is used as the grounding material, In order to propose an effective solution to solve above problem.a new type of non metallic grounding  material-flexible graphite compound grounding  material  was made.here FGCGM for short,It’s made by high-purity flake graphite with a stranded wire hierarchical structure. As a kind of conductor material with good conductivity, sufficient raw materials, and low price, graphite has begun to widely applied in the field of the lightning protection grounding of power system.

The advantage of FGCGM as follow:

1.Conductivity: The resistivity of FGCGM is 3.25 × 10–5 Ω m. And the resistivity can reach about 10–6 Ω m if conductive carbon fiber is used in FGCGM. This is approaching the resistivity of some steel. It can ensure that the lightning current and short-circuit current is dispersed timely into soil.

2. Reliable corrosion resistance: Graphite has a stable chemical property at normal temperature. It can not be corroded by any strong acid, strong alkali, or organic solvent. FGCGM has strong structure stability and reliable corrosion resistance. It can be applied to any geological condition with any resistance reducing agent.

3.High flexibility: FGCGM is flexible can full contact with the soil  it can be shaped according to practical geological conditions. When the geological condition is changed, the FGCGM will be changed together. It ensures that the soil and grounding grid join effectively.

4. Low skin effect and inductive effect : The relative permeability of FGCGM is less than 1.0. The relative permeability of steel is 636. Compared with steel, FGCGM has a lower skin effect and inductive effect under a high-frequency impulse current. on the one hand, it enhances FGCGM utilization rate. On the other hand, it reduces the grounding resistance.

5.Widely application : FGCGM is mainly used in electrical grounding projects, but it can be introduced into other fields, such as communication systems and petroleum systems etc It is appropriate in different geological conditions.

6.Other characteristics: FGCGM is convenient to transport and and low cost again being stolen.


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