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why it is important to use anti-theft nut for transmission tower

as we know,for many years, in the operation maintenance work of ultra-high-tension power transmission line,have a long-standing problem to be paid close attention to by equipment control department day by day, that is exactly the antitheft work of line steel tower tower material.Because circuit tower material is stolen, repeatedly causes the circuit power failure of falling the tower, bring heavy losses for country and society.Reliable, the effective anti-theft device of development just must become a kind of of electric transmission line operation maintenance unit and crave for,so hex anti-theft nut with spring and ball device has appearred on the market.

the locking anti-theft nut is a kind of simple and reasonable,safe,reliable theftproof performance good,be convenient to install and construct, can effectively prevent the electric transmission line anti-theft nut that the iron tower screw is loosening.which is really lead to reduce the plenty of maintenance cost.

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