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  • aerial marker ball
  • aerial marker ball
aerial marker ballaerial marker ball

aerial marker ball

  • Product Item : 014
  • Category: aerial marker balls
  • θ600mm/θ400mm
  • Red/White/orange
  • Fiber glass reinforced polyester resin
  • Aerial marker ball for transmission line
  • Product description:The colored plastic balls hanging on overhead electricity wires are called aerial marker balls, and they are installed along the length of wires to act as a visual warning so low-flying aircraft don’t
product name aerial marker ball
material FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester)
Orange/White, Red/White, Orange, Red, White
Cable Clamp: Aluminum alloy
Bolts/Nuts/Washers: Stainless steel 304
Armour rod: Aluminum alloy
2 years

Application: power lines,communication lines and guy wires

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