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  • carriage bolt
carriage bolt

carriage bolt

  • Product Item : 007
  • Category: bolts and nuts
  • carbon steel
  • zinc plating
  • samples cab provided
  • size:M3--M36
  • Product description:carriage bolt is a type of fastener that can be made from carbon steel and stainless steel (stainless steel is the most popular). A carriage bolt generally has a round head and a flat tip, and is thre
Product name carriage bolt
Material carbon steel,stainless steel
Size M3-M36
Standard ISO/DIN
Surface treatment
Zinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),Hot Dip Galvanized(HDG),Black Oxide,
Geomet,Dacroment,anodization,Nickel plated,Zinc-Nickel plated

Water conservation and treatment industry,Railroad industry,Farming industry,and Mining industry

Note: other size can be custom-made according to your size.
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