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Performance comparison between flexible graphite-copper composited grounding material and conventional grounding materials on 2016 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Applica


The conventional metallic grounding material such as copper, steel and alloys plating used in power system nowadays are facing lots of problems such as corrosion, bad contact with soil due to its hardness, high construction cost and so on. To solve these problems, a new type of grounding material-the flexible graphite-cooper composited grounding material (FGCG) was developed.

Firstly, ingredients and structure of FGCG was described briefly.

Secondly, the grounding and electromagnetic characteristics of FGCG was studied by simulation and experiment, the advantage of FGCG in terms of close contact with soil was researched.

Finally, the feasibility of applying FGCG in the transmission tower grounding grid is analyzed and a brief illustration of the application of FGCG in 500kV transmission tower grounding grid is given.

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